Make your own wedding rings in Devon

So, we’ve purposely given ourselves some quiet time with photography recently due to our impending nuptials. Being creative peeps, we wanted to make most things for our wedding including a photobooth, invites, jukebox, decorations, table settings and many more things…..but, probably the biggest challenge we’ve undertaken is making our wedding rings.

Luckily after some research it turns out we’re quite spoilt in Devon and Cornwall with many jewellers willing to help the happy couple shed some blood, sweat and tears to create one of the most important parts to a wedding, in the most personal way. After firing off a few inquisitive emails, checking some reviews (as you do) and speaking with some jewellers, we settled with booking a workshop date with the wonderful Miriam Boy based in Chagford. She runs from her lovely studio (Silver and Moor) in the heart of the town.

After trying on a lot of rings, we both knew what we liked, and after speaking with Miriam, we were confident she could help us realise what we wanted to make. We both chose to make our rings in 18ct white gold and yellow gold respectively. We were pointed in the direction of Cookson Gold who are a bullion dealer. In my wisdom, I decided to go for D shaped wire and ordered 3mm x 2mm x 65mm for my ring, and 5mm x 1.25mm x 68mm for Luke (which was plenty for our finger sizes).

After a warm welcome at Miriam’s studio and a health and safety brief, we both set to work. Miriam sized our fingers, then we cut and filed the gold to the correct length, setting about making each others rings. (TOP TIP: take your camera with you. We only had our phones on us)


We wanted to do an inscription, but engraving on this scale can be somewhat tricky freehand. Luke has had experience of engraving and did both inscriptions using a rotary tool – good job!


Next it was time to start shaping the rings. Using some specialist pliers, we began to shape the wire into more of a circle so the ends of the wire touch and it could be soldered. We spent some more time sanding the joint to make sure it was as clean as possible and then we were ready to get soldering underway, and who doesn’t like using a blow torch?

rm00006 rm00004

After successfully soldering the rings, it was time to get busy shaping. Using a ring sizer, we hammered, hammered and then hammered a lot more, both trying each other’s rings to make sure we weren’t stretching them too far.

rm00008 rm00007

Sometime later, we had reached the correct size, and could begin the filing and sanding, and finally handing over to Miriam to help with the polish up to finish.


So….the result?

rm00001 rm00002 rm00003

We couldn’t be happier. Not only are we incredibly happy with what we made and the finish, it’s something so personal to us both, even though during the stretching, we did lose most of the engraving, we both know it was there. For those of you on a budget too, you may think it’s more expensive to do this than to buy your rings, but think again. Miriam’s charges are very reasonable (£30 an hour at the time of writing) and buying the bullion direct meant that our total cost was around 50% of what we would’ve paid for comparable rings.

All in all we had an amazing day, it’s a superb experience, and we now have rings that mean so much more to us, and will continue to do so for a lifetime. We’d both highly recommend making your own rings, and if you’re in the South West, we couldn’t recommend Miriam enough.







Special Offer – full wedding photography package £695

So, we’ve been very busy ourselves….planning our own wedding! As a result,  we weren’t 100% sure what date we were going to have, so we’ve kept a lot of time free. Now we’ve sorted our own wedding (1st October next year), we’ve got plenty of dates we can offer you.

What’s more, to help take some of the stress away, we’re offering a MAMMOTH wedding package for just £695! We know it may not be exactly what you’re after so we’ll help you tailor your special day photography needs beyond this. If you’d like a pre-shoot, engagement shoot or shots of you getting ready etc… we can easily help incorporate this too :)


  • 2 photographers (so we capture every little special moment)
  • 150+ fully edited photos (we don’t just appy a blanket filter like some other photographers, we will individually edit each photo to ensure it’s perfect).
  • Includes from the ceremony through to the 1st dance


So come an have a look at the work we do, and if you like what we do, drop us an email. Luke (my partner and photographer) and I pride ourselves on our impartial advice. We’re not pushy and will always talk you through what we believe to be the best options with you. There’s nothing worse than other people trying to dictate YOUR day.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with us as that will allow us to capture the best and most magical pictures of you :)



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